Sightseeing Spots Around Kyoto Station


The closest bus stop is Karasuma Nanajo (Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau) located in 1 minute walk from the hostel.
Japan Transit Planner Jorudan will help you with your travel plan, too.

  • ichihime shrine amulet
    Ichihime Shrine
    It is known for protecting women and adhering to any wish of its female visitors from all over the country.
    10min walk
  • ichihime shrine amulet
    Saunano Umeyu
    A tattoo-friendly (tolerated) sento where you can warm your insides, clean your outsides, and have an authentic non touristy experience.
    9min walk
  • Sumiya
    miya is one of the last remaining examples of ageya which is a traditional entertainment house where geisha and taiyu (another type of geisha) entertained elite guests in refined surroundings.
    Take bus #205 at Kyoto Sta. and get off at Nanajo Mibugawa, then walk 6min. Or 23min walk from the hostel.
  • Shoseien
    A beautiful Japanese garden. If you have an hour before you leave Kyoto, it is a perfect place to visit and enjoy your last moments here
    5min walk
  • Kyoto Railway Museum
    Kyoto Railway Museum
    The biggest railway museum in Japan with a diverse range of exhibits dedicated to Japan's rich history of railroad innovation.
    Take bus #103, 104 or 110 at Kyoto Sta. and get off at Umekojikoen-Kyoto Railway Museum-mae (7min). Or 25min walk from the hostel.
  • Sanjusangendo
    Japan's longest wooden building. The main attraction of Sanjusangendo is the inside, which is filled with 1001 statues of Kannon.
    Take bus #203, 208 at Karasuma Nanajo and get off at Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae (5min). Or 16min walk from the hostel.
  • Ramen Daiichiasahi
    Ramen Daiichiasahi
    Kyoto style Ramen which is lighter, assari, style shoyu broth soup. Open from 5 am until 2 am, closed on Thursday.
    6min walk
  • Ramen Street
    Ramen Street
    From north, Hokkaido Sapporo, to south, Kyushu Fukuoka, 10 ramen shops are 10th floor of Kyoto Station bldg..
    9min walk
  • Kyoto Sake Bar
    Liquor Shop&Bar Inoue
    There's a casual standing bar beside a liquor shop. They offer the best selection of sake and shochu. Highly recommended!
    14min walk
  • Kyoto Flea Market
    Toji Temple (Flea Market)
    Flea Market held held on the 21st of each month. On the 25th, the other flea market held in Kitanotanmangu Shrine.
    Take bus #208 at Kyoto Sta. and get off at Toji Minamimon-mae (26min). Or 24min walk from the hostel.
  • Kyoto Zazen Experience
    Shourinji Temple (Zazen Experience)
    Zazen experience is open to all visitors, whether they have experienced or not. Advance reservation required.
    Take bus #208 at Karasuma Nanajo and get off at Tofukuji (12min), then walk 5min.
  • Kyoto's best Zen Garden
    Tofukuji Temple (Zen Garden)
    The zen gardens of Hojo (Honbo garden) were laid out in 1939 by Mirei SHIGEMORI, who intended to express the simplicity of Zen in the Kamakura period with the abstract construction of modern arts
    Take bus #208 at Karasuma Nanajo and get off at Tofukuji (12min), then walk 9min.

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